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A Man Who Delivered Lawyer’s Letter to Ken’s Parents

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In the previous articles, I revealed that Lawyer Hiroshi Watanabe has been actively involved in forcible deprogramming by sending out letters to the parents of the Unification Church members.  The exaggerated and untrue contents of the letters prompted parents’ fear and anxiety.  The letters were – without exception – urging parents to consult the lawyer.

If the lawyer was consulted, deprogrammers (Christian ministers) were referred to parents, and abduction of their son/daughter was planned and carried out.

One of the lawyer’s letters was hand-delivered to Ken’s parents at the end of April 2011 by a man who calls himself “an Anti-Cult Activist”.  His name is “Eito”.  He uses the name of “Eito SUZUKI” when he speaks at the ICSA International conference.  Today’s article is about “Eito”.

Eito’s Story:

Eito’s real name is “Kiyofumi TANAKA”.  He’s mid 40s in age, and the reason why he publicly does not use his real name is unknown. 

Eito wrote two articles on his blog to reveal what he did.  The posting date was Jan 13, 2012.

<Beginning of Quote>
(Translated by Yoshi)

I delivered the letter to the kindergarten, which Ken’s family was operating.
I asked the lawyer to write the letter. 
Ken’s parents showed the letter to Ken despite my warning.   Then the letter was handed over to the Unification Church.  But I don’t understand why this letter is a letter which solicits abduction and confinement.

I respect the lawyer (Hiroshi Watanabe) because he wrote the letter in order to rescue a member of the Unification Church.  The lawyer understood the risk that he may be despicably attacked by the Unification Church if the contents of the letter were revealed.

Date of Post: 2011-01-13  
<End of Quote>

He admitted the followings on his blog. 
  1. Eito asked the lawyer to write the letter.
    (Therefore, he knew the contents of the letter.)

  2. Eito delivered the lawyer’s letter to Ken’s parents.

  3. Eito asked Ken’s parents not let Ken be aware of the letter.

Eito also said on the twitter as follows:

<Beginning of Quote>
(Translated by Yoshi)
Why is the lawyer’s letter regarded as a letter to solicit abduction and confinement?
2:55 AM - 21 Mar 12 via web

<End of Quote>

In my previous article, Yukari – a former Unification Church member – testified that she was abducted and confined against her will as a result of the lawyer’s letter.  Eito must prove that Yukari’s statement is not true if Eito wishes to insist that the letter is nothing to do with abduction and confinement.

I have to conclude that Eito is also actively involved in deprogramming operations in Japan, just as the lawyer - Hiroshi Watanabe.  Eito is a Pro-Deprogramming Activist.

Eito attends annual ICSA conference.  ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association) is an Anti-Cult organization, but it basically does not accept the forcible deprogramming.  There’s an article about deprogramming as follows on ICSA website.

<Beginning of Quote>

The actual process of a deprogramming, as we see it, differs a great deal from voluntary exit counseling. Some of the ideas about cults and brainwashing prevalent at the time contributed to that process. It was believed that the hold of the brainwashing over the cognitive processes of a cult member needed to be broken -- or "snapped" as some termed it -- by means that would shock or frighten the cultist into thinking again. For that reason in some cases cult leader's pictures were burned or there were highly confrontational interactions between deprogrammers and cultist.

What was often sought was an emotional response to the information, the shock, the fear, and the confrontation. There are horror stories -- promoted most vehemently by the cults themselves -- about restraint, beatings, and even rape. And we have to admit that we have met former members who have related to us their deprogramming experience -- several of handcuffs, weapons wielded and sexual abuse. But thankfully, these are in the minority -- and in our minds, never justified.

Emphasis (Bold/Underline/Color) by Yoshi
<End of Quote>

As I already said, Yukari was forcefully abducted and confined against her will as a result of a letter from the lawyer, Hiroshi Watanabe.  I’m sure that ICSA does not justify this kind of forcible operation “to rescue a cult member”.  Eito knew the contents of the letter, and delivered such a lawyer’s letter to the Unification Church member’s parents.

At the ICSA conference in New Jersey, USA in 2010, Eito was confronted by Dan Fefferman who is a President of the International Coalition for Religious Freedom.  Dan Fefferman reported as follows;

<Beginning of Quote>

One presenter, “anti-cult activist” Eito Suzuki, mentioned our campaign against kidnapping and confinement. He expressed the opinion that the main reason for this activity is to distract people from the church’s “illegal” behavior in fundraising and recruiting.  He even showed a slide of our pamphlet with Mr. Goto’s picture on the front. 

At that point I interrupted to add that Mr. Goto was actually right there in the room. Mr. Suzuki then politely introduced Mr. Goto, which resulted in a lot of people speaking to him afterward. During the question period, I gave a brief rebuttal to Mr. Suzuki’s claim. “If you want to claim the moral high ground,” I declared, “you need to speak out against kidnapping and confinement.

<End of Quote>

Eito Suzuki(far right) at ICSA conference
in Barcelona, Spain (2011)

Obviously Eito can’t speak out against kidnapping and confinement because he is involved in the operation.  

Eito accuses the Unification Church by criticizing that the church recruits new members by hiding its identity. The same standard should be applied to him.  Eito clearly should explain his position about deprogramming at the next ICSA conference if he attends, so the attendees can correctly evaluate his presentation.


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