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Civil Suit Filed Against the Unification Church and the State in Japan as a Result of Deprogramming

In my article dated on Jan 25, 2011, I reported on a missing Unification Church member  (Ms. T.T.) believed to be kidnapped and confined for deprogramming purpose by her family members.

There was an interesting development in Ms T.T.'s case.  Ms T.T. is Taeko TANAKA according to an investigative reporter, Mr. Kazuhiro YONEMOTO.   

As a result of the forcible deprogramming, she withdrew herself from the church.  Taeko filed a lawsuit against the Unification Church and the central government, demanding compensation of 4,200,000 Yen (= US$ 525,000). 

Today's story is about Ms Taeko TANAKA and her lawsuit.  

Yahoo Japan News reported as follows:
July 3, 2012 21:30 wire report via Sankei  Shimbun -
A former Unification Church member (female, 37 years old) filed a lawsuit against the Unification Church and the State, demanding compensation of 4,200,000 Yen (= US$ 525,000) with Tokyo District Court.  She claimed that she was forced to donate money and  work as a laborer  called a "devotee" under influence of anxiety.

According to the written complaint, the lady was approached  by a Unification Church member on the street in 2001, and soon after she was asked to donate or purchase various items.  In 2005, she was instructed to quit her job, and she became a "devotee".  She was forced to do fund raising activities on the street without pay.  She claims that the fraudulent techniques pushed her to the mental limit, and decreased her normal ability in her judgement.

Also she claimed that regardless of the supreme court & other courts' rulings to hold the Unification Church accountable for its unlawful acts,  the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology did not do anything, and that the State should share the blame for the unlawful acts.

The plaintiff says, "Why doesn't  the central government do anything about this kind of group?  The State should act appropriately. "

Here's the situation from her disappearance to filing civil suit2001:

2001 - Taeko became a member of the Unification Church.

2005 - Taeko quit the job, and became a full time Church member.

2009 - Taeko was matched with Korean man, Mr. J.H. Lee.

Oct 2010 - Taeko moved to Korea, and planned to start the married life.
Taeko moved to Korea in Oct 2010 to learn Korean traditions before starting married life.  They planned to start the married life on Feb 27, 2011.  Mr. Lee also purchased an apartment to be ready for it.

Dec 2010 - Taeko disappeared in Japan when she returned to renew her visa.
Taeko returned to Japan to renew the visa on Dec 10, 2010, and visited her parents on Dec 12.  And then she had a plan to visit her uncle and aunt in Shizuoka (1 hour form Tokyo by bullet train towards west).  She was supposed to meet her church friends in Tokyo on Dec 15.  But Taeko did not show up.  The church friends worried and visited the parent's home to find no one there.  It was suspected Taeko was abducted.

Dec. 2010 - Taeko's fiance, Mr. Lee's desperate search for Taeko.
Mr Lee flew to Japan, and visited parents' home, but no one there.  He visited Shizuoka where her relatives live.  Their responses were cold, just saying "We don't know. We don't know."  Even he got down to his knees to ask their support at their door step, asking them "he wants to see her".

Mr. Lee visited Korean Embassy in Japan and also the police office near her parents home to ask their support.  Police initially did not respond by saying it's "family matters", but later accepted the request to search for a missing person.  Mr Lee returned to Korea in vain with tears on Dec 29, 2011.
Jan 26, 2011 - Mr. Lee sent a letter to Taeko's parents.

June 2011 - Mr. Lee tried to reach Taeko via loud speaker.
Mr. Lee returned to Japan in June 2011 after he heard a report that Taeko's whereabouts were identified.   He visited the police station and asked the police to accompany him to visit the apartment.  Police declined it. 

He decided to speak towards the room where Taeko was believed to be confined by a loud speaker.  He spoke in broken Japanese and also in Korean. 
Apartment where Taeko was confined.
Mr. Lee tried to reach her via loud speaker.

 July 2012 - Taeko filed a lawsuit against the Unification Church and the State.

People who are involved in Taeko's case

Takashi MIYAMURA - Taeko's Deprogrammer
You may have heard this name many times.  MIYAMURA is the deprogrammer who was involved with the case of MR. Toru GOTO who was confined for more than 12 years.    GOTO's civil suit against MIYAMURA is going on now.

Masaki KITO - Attorney for Taeko
KITO has experiences of anti-cult, anti Unification Church cases for many years.

According to a statement submitted to the Goto's court case,
Miyamura is believed to have 4 lovers who are ex-UC members.
Miyamura acted as a deprogrmmer for them.

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