Monday, December 31, 2012

University Student Kidnapped and Confined for Deprogramming Purpose in Japan

Mr. M.F. is believed to have been kidnapped and confined by his family members for forceful religious de-conversion since Nov 10, 2012.

Mr. M.F. is a 22-year-old university student at Okayama University of Science in Japan.   

He joined CARP in 2010, and moved to CARP center to live with other members.   (CARP =  Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles = Unification Church affiliated campus organization)  

 His parents have opposed his being in CARP since he told his parents so in Jan. 2012.

On Nov. 10, 2012, he visited his parents' home in Himeji (situated between Oakayama and Osaka) for a memorial service for his grandmother, and did not come back to the CARP center. The contact with M.F. has been lost since then.

CARP representatives visited Himeji Police Office on Nov. 21, 2012. 

At the police, CARP representatives insisted that it was unusual situation, but the police declined their support by saying, " We have contacted his parents, and confirmed  his safety through the parents.  We don't act further as it's confirmed that it's not the confined situation. "   

Then CARP representatives  showed  " written rescue request in case of his disappearance" which he prepared beforehand.  Police rejected by saying, "We don't know the situation how he produced this.  We can't tell if he wrote it in his real thought.  Anyhow we have contacted them, and there's parents' intention."

CARP representatives also quoted Human Rights Without Frontiers' report which proved that religious freedom is violated in Japan.  Police replied, "We can't comment on that.  Generally speaking, in order to establish the crime of kidnapping, generally speaking, it should be done by complete third party, not by family members.  In my opinion, it is inappropriate to use the word of "kidnapping" when parents take their child."


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