Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Goto's Court Case - Turning Point of Deprogramming in Japan

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More than 4000 people of the Unification Church members have been kidnapped and confined against their will for the purpose of religious de-conversion (deprogramming) in Japan since 1966, and still occurring now (2013).

The deprogramming methods and practices involve kidnapping, confinement, coercive persuasion, physical violence, psychological isolation & harassment, and in some cases rape or suicide, and the confinement continues for weeks, months and years.

There are professional deprogrammers and Christian pastors who control parents behind the scene.  Japanese authorities regard the deprogramming practices "family matters", and the police fail to rescue the victims.  Media and human rights organizations in Japan are not interested in raising the issue as it happens to minor, unpopular and controversial religious organizations. 

According the recent study conducted by a Japanese university professor, 12.5% of the victims are suffering PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as after-effects even 20 years after the ordeal.

The ethical and legal issues of deprogramming has been raised in Western society in 1980s, and the practices were ceased completely in early 1990s.

But not in Japan.  The malicious crimes of deprogramming are still occurring in Japan in 2013. 

 As an extreme example, Mr. Toru Goto (the Unification Church member) was held in confinement against his will for 12 years and 5 months (Sep.11, 1995 - Feb.10, 2008) in an attempt to force him to renounce the faith.

Photo = Mr. Toru Goto
At the hospital after release
from 12-year confinement.
Feb 2008

Toru Goto lodged a criminal complaint against deprogrammers and family members in 2008, but it was declined by prosecutors.  The prosecutors' decision was supported by Inquest Committee.  Toru Goto lost the way to pursuit in criminal case in 2010.

Mr. Goto filed a civil suit against deprogrammers (Mr. Takashi Miyamura, Pastor Masunaga and his church, and family members (elder brother and his wife, younger sister) in 2011, and after almost 3 years of court battles, the judgement will be handed down on Dec 17, 2013.

I believe that Toru Goto's case will be major turning point in the History of Deprogramming in Japan as if Jason Soctt's civil case in the USA ceased the deprogramming practices and bankrupted CAN (Cult Awareness Network).

This blog and my facebook page "Human Rights Violations in Japan"  will update you with more information in relating to the Toru Goto's court case and deprogramming issues in Japan towards the judgement day.


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