Sunday, May 17, 2015

Notorious Deprogrammer, Mamoru TAKAZAWA Commits Suicide in May 2015.

According to an investigative reporter, Mr. Kazuhiro YONEMOTO, Mamoru Takazawa (Evangelical Minister of Kobe Makoto Church)  committed suicide in the middle of May 2015, and the funeral was held on 15 May 2015 in Kobe, Japan. (Kobe is in large Osaka area.)

Evangelical Minster of Kobe Makoto Church

 Mr. and Mrs. S.  lodged a criminal complaint against Mamoru TAKZAWA in Nov. 2014 for being kidnapped and confined  under the direction of the Evangelical Minister.

The Hiroshima couple was separately attacked by their family and relatives on 26 July 20014. The attackers tied Mr. and Mrs. S's  hands and ankles with cords and took them separately in different rout to an apartment in Osaka, leaving their 2 children behind in Hiroshima.  (400km apart between Osaka and Hiroshima)

Mrs. S. screamed when taken into the apartment, and the neighbors called the police.  Then the Minister, Mamoru TAKAZAWA showed up at the apartment, and persuaded the police that it was just a "talk" between family members about her religious affiliation with the Unification Church. The police did not do anything to rescue the couple.

Mrs. S managed to make an emergency call to the police almost 1 week later, and police rescued the couple.

See more details about Mr. and Mrs. S's case in the link below.
Hiroshima couple filed criminal complaint against deprogrammer and family members.

It looks like the police investigation was going on against the Evangelical Minister.  He should have faced the charges alive.

More information about Mamoru TAKAZAWA.
(If you search by the name, you can find more.)


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