Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Korean Man Got Down to his Knees to Ask Relatives to Allow him to See his Fiancee.

An investigative reporter, Mr Yonemoto reported another case of abduction/confinement case in his blog today.

I strongly believe that spreading such information would be the important step to resolve the issue.   Thanks to Mr Yonemoto's report, here are the details of the abduction and confinement. 

This article here is based on Mr Yonemoto's report.

Victim's Details:
Name: Ms. TT(36)
Place: Tokyo
Date of Confinement: Around 2010-12-12  and still under confinement
Deprogrammer: Not known

Ms TT attended the Unification Church wedding ceremony in 2009 and was matched with Korean man, Mr. J.H. LEE.  Mr. Lee is a bus driver in kwangju, South Korea.  Ms TT and Mr Lee have corresponded each other by emails and letters, and developed relationships and decided to marry.

Ms TT moved to Korea in Oct 2010 to learn Korean traditions before starting married life.  They planned to start the married life on Feb 27, 2011.  Mr. Lee also purchased an apartment to be ready for it.

Ms TT returned to Japan to renew the visa on Dec 10, 2010, and visited parents on Dec 12.  And then she had a plan to visit her uncle and aunt in Shizuoka (1 hour form Tokyo by bullet train towards west).  She was supposed to meet her church friends in Tokyo on Dec 15.  But Ms TT did not show up.  The church friends worried and visited the parent's home to find no one there.  It was suspected Ms TT was abducted.

Mr Lee flew to Japan, and visited parents home, but no one there.  He visited Shizuoka where her relatives live.  Their response was cold, just saying "We don't know. We don't know."  Even he got down to his knees to ask their support at their door step, asking them "he wants to see her".

Mr. Lee visited Korean Embassy in Japan and also the police office near her parents home to ask their support.  Police initially did not respond by saying it's "family matters", but later accepted the request to search for a missing person.  Mr Lee returned to Korea in vain with tears on Dec 29, 2011.

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