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Korean Man Sent a Letter to his Fiancee's Parents

I reported the kidnapping/confinement case of Ms T (36) at my previous article.  
The Religious Kidnapping & Forced Conversion Victim's Association in Tokyo reported that the Mr. Lee sent a letter to his fiancee's parents, and the website uploaded the letter in Korean and its Japanese translation.
Letter in Korean
Letter in Japanese

I translated the letter into English.  Please note the English translation below is done by myself based on the Japanese translation, and it is not official translation.

The Letter Mr. Lee sent to his fiancee's parents, translated by Yoshi from translated Japanese (Original letter is in Korean.)

Dear T’s Parents,

Hello, I’m Lee Jang-Hee.  I should come and see you for the greetings, but please forgive me to write to you.

Let me introduce myself briefly.  I was born at a small village in Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-Do as the youngest son. I have 4 brothers and one sister.  We all grew up happily together with a strict father and a loving mother even though we were not rich.  

My father died when I was in the year 8 (2nd year in the junior high school).  It was shocking experience to me.  We all moved to Kwanju where my elder brother lived.  And I received education up to University in Kwanju, and now I live in my brother’s home with my mother.   

When I was a student, my mother used to tell me not to cause someone trouble.   I’m still keeping my mother’s word, and I now have important roles at the workplace and in society.  I’m working for the biggest bus company in Korea.

I was introduced to the Unification Church through my senior friend, and I chose to be a member of the Church and I started to pray for my family.  I met Ms T in 2008 introduced by the church, and we attended a church wedding ceremony.  I was not interested in marriage personally, but the church taught me the value and meaning of family, which made me decide to join this church. 

When I met Ms T at the airport for the first time, she was very beautiful with an intellectual atmosphere. I felt as if I was dreaming. I fell in love at first sight.  I became to know that she has an angelic heart as our relationships were deepened.  I think her beautiful heart is from her parents’ education, and I became to respect you.

Our love has grown since the engagement in Japan.  The more I know her, the more I’m convinced that she is my eternal partner. I can feel a loving and respectful heart within her.  People around me tell me that Ms T resembles me. I feel it is like fate linked by heaven, which we live on for the rest of the life.  Even if we don’t speak same language, there’s always love and respect for each other.  I certainly love Ms T who is so beautiful like an angel.  But I can’t see her, I can’t even hear her voice.  How can I express my heart?

Dear respected Ms T’s parents!

I hear that International Seminar “Religious Freedom and Human Rights” was held in Japan on Nov 29 – Dec 2 last year.  Japan is the most advanced nation in Asia, and has high standard in economy and culture internationally. I have to be bewildered by the fact that religious freedom is violated in Japan.  Korea, which is behind Japan does not kidnap and confine someone because of the religious faith.

Dearest Father and  Mother,

I suppose you two loved each other and married.  Ms T and I love each other across national boundaries.  I don’t understand why I don’t even know where she is.  I do my best so I can receive your love as you love your daughter.  This is my expression from my bottom of my heart, not just in the letter.  I will love your daughter more than any other person, and I promise we build a happy family.  Also it is my joy to be a good son of yours as I lost my father when I was young.  I prepared for an apartment to move to in Feb and planned and dreamed lots of things.  And unpredictable things happened.  

I suppose you married because you loved each other.  If you look back at your heart at that time, I believe you understand our love.  I really want to see Ms T.  Even just want to hear her voice.  Please let me have a chance to do so.

I ask you again.  We love each other.  Please do not tear our love.

I will write to you again. 
Good Bye.
Jan 26, 2011
Jang-Hee  LEE
Husband who loves Ms T.
End of Translation

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