Monday, August 4, 2014

3 Abduction Cases Occurred in Japan in July, 2014

According to the website of the Japanese Victims Association against Religious Kidnapping and Forced Conversion, 3 abduction cases occurred in July 2014.  Today's article is the translation from  from the website.

Case 1: Family of 4 abducted in Hiroshima.
The victims are still under unstable condition, so only the following information is available  at the moment.

A couple and 2 children (8 y/o, and 3 y/o), who  belonged to the Unification Church were abducted separately* by their family members in Hiroshima, and transferred to an apartment in Osaka separately on different routes, and confined for the purpose of forcible de-conversion.
* The husband was abducted by his family members, and the wife was abducted by her family members. 
2 people appeared at the apartment .  One was a Christian minister, Mamoru Takazawa of Kobe Makoto Church, who was suspended the indictment of  criminal charges of  kidnapping UC members twice in the past.  The other was Atsuyoshi Ojima, who was a butler of  Nishi-Nippon (West Japan) Lutheran Church.

The couple was held in the apartment for 5 days, and had to endure forcible attempt of de-conversion for 5 hours everyday.

On the 6th day, 31 July 2014, the wife, whose mobile phone was confiscated managed to use her family member's mobile phone and called 110 (police emergency number).  The police raided on the apartment in 10 minutes, and the police rescued the couple.

 I will translate the Case 2 & 3 as soon as I can, probably tomorrow.

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