Monday, August 4, 2014

56-Year-Old Housewife Kidnapped in Aichi

In July, 2014, 3 abduction and forced confinement cases occurred in Japan.  All the victims were the Unification Church members.  The first case (Case 1) was already reported in the previous article. 

Here's the 2nd case.

Case 2: 56-year-old housewife kidnapped in Aichi

Mrs. K. had an aborted attempt of abduction and forced confinement in the past, and she and her husband made a family reconciliation that her husband would not abduct and confine her.  Nevertheless, as she detected a whiff of abduction in the morning on July 15, she tried to escape.  When she left home early in the morning on that day, her husband and daughter found her.  They grabbed her arms and pushed her back home, she was placed under surveillance at home.

 When she was told to move to another place,  she resisted by holding on the furniture.  But  she was overpowered by men and pushed into a car and taken to her daughter's house, and then she was confined there.

Her husband and family members demanded that she should meet Christian minister Mkoto Sugimoto.  Sugimoto belongs to the United Church of Christ in Japan, and famous for anti-Unfication Church activities.  Mrs. K refused the demand, but family members just stubbornly insist on her seeing the minister.  In order to solve the deadlock, she had no choice but to agree to meet Sugimoto.  It seems that family members thought that if Mrs. K met Sugimoto, she would easily abandon her faith.

She was taken to Sugimoto's house 3 times in total, and she was shown videos and books which are critical to the Unification Church.  Also she underwent Sugimoto's relentless persuasion.  Mrs. K. has not changed.  After 10 days of her confinement, her family members felt like they reached the limit, and gave up the plan to de-convert Mrs. K and released her.

In this kind of case in the past, victims were not normally released until they abandoned their faith.  Didn't Sugimoto know that Mrs. K was forcefully taken to his place?  Mrs. K's family was restoring the relationships, but destroyed by this event.  How does Sugimoto take responsibility for this outcome?

Sugimoto once said that  there are many cases that family fall apart and parents-children relationships are deeply destroyed after making the religious members leave the church. 

Case 3 will be uploaded later.  Please come back.

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