Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Housewife in Osaka Disappeared and still Missing

Here's the 3rd case of abduction and forced confinement in July 2014.  First 2 cases were reported in the following article.

Case 1:  3 Abduction Cases Occurred in Japan in July, 2014
Case 2:  56-Year-Old Housewife Kidnapped in Aichi

Case 3: Housewife in Osaka Disappeared and still Missing
A housewife (Mrs. M) in Osaka disappeared on July 26, 2014, and she is still missing.  From the situation of the disappearance, it is believed that her husband and child are confining her.      (End of quote)


In Case 1,  it was one of the rare cases that Japanese police rescued the victims.  Police raided on the confinement site because the victim could make a police emergency call using her family member's mobile phone.  Her mobile phone was confiscated by the captors.  It is not known how she could manage to use the family member's mobile phone. 

Police should investigate and indict the captors including 2 Christian ministers.  

At this moment (Aug 5, 2014), 2 people are believed to be confined for forced de-conversion.

One is Mr. Masato Ishibashi, who disappeared at the beginning of Jan. 2014 .  More than 7 months have passed since then.  HRWF (Human Rights Without Frontier Internationl, Brussel) 's representative vistted Japan earlier this year, and asked Japanese police to meet Masato confidentially to confirm his will and rescue him if it was done against his will.  The police refused the rqeuest.

HRWF documented all the conversation with the police and submitted the report to the UN Human Rights Committee.  The details of the report can benn seen in the following link.  (Scroll down until you see English texts after clicking on the link.)


 Another missing person is Mrs. M.  (as mentioned above). 


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