Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Abuduction Case in Japan

The National Association of the Victims of Abduction, Confinement and Religious De-conversion reported on its website that a UC member (Ms. N.I., 34yo) who visited her father's parents' home on Jan 3, 2012 went missing and her contact was cut off. According to informed sources, Ms Kyouko Kawsasaki who is an deprogramming activist and the head of the NPO "Home of Life" in Nagano is suspected of being involved with Ms. N.I.'s missing and it is highly probable that Ms. N.I.has been abducted for deprogramming purpose.

Ms.N.I. started to learn the Divine Principle in 1998 while she was a university student in Tokyo.  She now goes to the Unification Church in Adachi, Tokyo.  She told her parents that she had faith with the church.  Ms N.I. planned to attend the church wedding ceremony in March this year.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mr. Usami appeal to a higher court.

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Mr. Usami was sentenced to 3 months in prison with a 4-year suspended sentence on Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 for stalking.

The website of Association of Against Religious Kidnapping and Forced Conversion reported that Mr. Usami had appealed to a higher court on Jan 6, 2012.

Mr. Usami said that rational grounds of "the purpose of filling of feelings of love in order to restore the relationship" were not shown, and the verdict was in line with the prosecutors scenario without being verified, and I could not accept the verdict at all.

The website said that the decision did not mention the backgrouds of the case, which involvoed forcible conversion practices such as abduction or confinement, therefore it could possibly foster the deprgramming practices, and that Mr. Usami was a collateral victim of the deprogramming practice and that the decision had no sympathy or consideration to Mr. Usami who depearately searched for his fiance who went missing all of sudden.

You can send a message to Mr. Usami via the following page of Assocication Against Religious Kidnapping and Forced Conversion.

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