Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Man Who Delivered Lawyer’s Letter to Ken’s Parents

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In the previous articles, I revealed that Lawyer Hiroshi Watanabe has been actively involved in forcible deprogramming by sending out letters to the parents of the Unification Church members.  The exaggerated and untrue contents of the letters prompted parents’ fear and anxiety.  The letters were – without exception – urging parents to consult the lawyer.

If the lawyer was consulted, deprogrammers (Christian ministers) were referred to parents, and abduction of their son/daughter was planned and carried out.

One of the lawyer’s letters was hand-delivered to Ken’s parents at the end of April 2011 by a man who calls himself “an Anti-Cult Activist”.  His name is “Eito”.  He uses the name of “Eito SUZUKI” when he speaks at the ICSA International conference.  Today’s article is about “Eito”.