Friday, May 25, 2012

CARP Student Fights for Religious Freedom at Court.

The Unification Church Website reports as follows;
A female university student and her parents filed a lawsuit with Saga District Court on May 17, 2012 against Saga University (President - Takao HOTOKEBUCHI) and an associate professor of Department of  Culture and Education, Yoshinori MORI, demanding 4,400,000Yen (US$50,000) for compensation of violation of religious freedom and slander caused by them.
The university student is a CARP member at Saga University and also a member of the Unification Church.  Her parents married in the Unification Church’s 6000 couples wedding ceremony.

According to the written complaint, Ms A. (22) was summoned to the associate professor Mori’s room on Feb. 10, 2012, and Mori repeatedly insulted her by disesteeming her faith, and she was relentlessly pressured to withdraw from both CARP and the Unification Church. 

Also the associate professor mentioned Ms. A’s parents marriage as “Brace of Animal”, and also mentioned her family life as “Animal’s Life”.

Ms. A and her parents have requested sincere apologies from the university and the associate professor.  As they rejected, they decided to take the case to the court.  (End of Translation)

NikkanSports.Com (Daily Sports Newspaper in Japan) reports:
Saga University says they will consider what to do when the written complaint arrives.(End of Translation)


CARP(Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles) is a university based organization founded by Rev.Sun Myung Moon and Unification Church members.
Saga is in Kyushu, which is an island located southwest of the main Island. 
Saga University
Contact Details:
Division: Public Relations Division
Phone / Fax:
+81-952-28-8153 / 8921


Friday, May 11, 2012

Victim Escapes from 120-day Confinement

Here is a story of Ms N.I.(34 yo) who was confined in an apartment for 120 days for forcible conversion and miraculoursly managed to escape from the private prison by herself.

A website “Religious Kidnapping & Forced Conversion” published a post on May 11, 2012 that Ms.N.I. escaped from 120-day confinement. This artcile here is traslation of the reports, traslated by Yoshi - this blog's owner.