Friday, May 11, 2012

Victim Escapes from 120-day Confinement

Here is a story of Ms N.I.(34 yo) who was confined in an apartment for 120 days for forcible conversion and miraculoursly managed to escape from the private prison by herself.

A website “Religious Kidnapping & Forced Conversion” published a post on May 11, 2012 that Ms.N.I. escaped from 120-day confinement. This artcile here is traslation of the reports, traslated by Yoshi - this blog's owner.

Ms N.I. (34 years old, company employee) went missing on Jan 3, 2012 after visiting her parents.  Ms N.I. learned the Divine Principle in 1998 when she was a university student in Tokyo, and joined the Unification Church.  She informed her family of her faith.  She planned to attend the Unification Church Wedding Ceremony held in March 2012.  She belonged to Adachi Church in Tokyo when she went missing. 

Around 11:00am on May 2, 2012, she managed to escape by herself from the private prison in Mito-city, Ibaraki (70 km North East from Tokyo).

It was found out that Ms Kyouko KAWASAKI(*1) who is a director of NPO “Home of Life” was involved in the “family discussion session”in the 121-day confinement. Also a person who claimed to be a Christian counselor visited the confinement site to provide mental care for Ms N.I.’s parents, and the person knew and accepted the Ms N.I.’s confinement.

According to Ms N.I., she was persuaded to do the followings;
·         To explain the Divine Principe to her family members
·         To give up attending the Church Wedding Ceremony in Korea
·         To re-consider her life after leaving the church
·         To listen to  ex-members and specialists
·         To learn other religions
·         To read materials which criticize the Unification Church

While she accepted the above demands, she kept her faith.  However, she felt like she had reached the limit in the endless confinement.  Also her family members became psychologically unstable.

One day, N.I. miraculously found out the combination of the numbers to unlock the lock which was installed on the front door.  She was determined to escape and waited for an opportunity.  Then the chance arrived, and she carried out her plan.

The pictures here are those actually fitted at the door of the confinement site.  She brought them with her when she escaped.

Ms N.I. took these with her in escaping.


Without unlocking the lock and
removing the cylinder,
the door can never be turned.

Notes by Yoshi;
*1. Kyouko KAWASAKI - She is a Christian minister who is actively involved in deprogramming in Japan. Kyouko Kawasaki related to Yukari's confinement in my previous article.


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  1. shame,shame on Japan. they try to fight what they think are monsters- but THEY become the monsters. Is Japan a nation of Monsters?