Friday, July 6, 2012

Civil Suit Filed Against the Unification Church and the State in Japan as a Result of Deprogramming

In my article dated on Jan 25, 2011, I reported on a missing Unification Church member  (Ms. T.T.) believed to be kidnapped and confined for deprogramming purpose by her family members.

There was an interesting development in Ms T.T.'s case.  Ms T.T. is Taeko TANAKA according to an investigative reporter, Mr. Kazuhiro YONEMOTO.   

As a result of the forcible deprogramming, she withdrew herself from the church.  Taeko filed a lawsuit against the Unification Church and the central government, demanding compensation of 4,200,000 Yen (= US$ 525,000). 

Today's story is about Ms Taeko TANAKA and her lawsuit.