Saturday, November 6, 2010

27 year old Lady Disappeared 3 Months Ago.

3 Unification Church members are believed to be confined against their will at the moment.

1. NK (Male, 25, Tokyo) since June 14, 2010
2. OM (Female, 27, Abeno-ku, Osaka) since August 14, 2010
3. MY (Female, 33, Osaka) since September 13, 2010
I write the OM's case today.  (See the previous article for NK's case)

In Japan, the middle of August is the Bon season, which is the Buddhist custom to honor the deceased spirits of the family's ancestors, therefore the season has become a family reunion holiday time.

In the early August, OM (female, 27) was offered by her parents to visit her Grandfather (father's father)'s house during the Bon season together with her parents.  She accepted the offer.  They stayed at her mother's mother's house in Osaka on Aug.13 before the planned visit to her grandfather's place which is the distacne of 2-3 hours drive from there. Around 3pm on Aug 13, OM sent an email to the church, saying she is going to the Grandmother's home now.

At 11:17am next day, 14 Aug, the church leader received a distress call from her, screaming, "No, No, I don't want it."  Followed by man's voice (it seems it's her father's voice.) "I beg you.  I beg you." Then the line was cut off. The church leader dialled the number, but no answer.

At 2:21pm, the church leader received a call on his mobile from a man.  He said,"I just let you know that we 3 people, parents and a daughter will have a discussion for a while." Then he hang up. He said he was a father of OM.

At 3:40pm, the church leader visited the parents' home in Osaka, to find out that they already had moved out.  The owner of the apartment said that we were notified of the moving a month ago, and they moved out a few days ago. There was a note at the water mains, telling water supply was stopped on Aug 9, 2010.
In this kidnapping case, it looks that it was planned and organized very well at least for a few months, and parents moved to a place where the daughter or the church didn't know, so her whereabouts were not identified easily.  Also if the daughter is confined at the parents (new) home, it's easier to deceive police investigation and to cover up the fact of confinement than using a newly rented apartment for the confinement.

Same as other deprogramming cases in the past, there must be someone (deprogrammers) behind this disappearance case who wrote a plan and told parents what to do. There were 3 or 4 known deprogrammers in the Osaka area.

3 months have passed since the OM disappearance, and no further details not known.


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