Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NK's Case (2): Police Failed to Respond to Serious Human Rights Abuses Case.

Continued from NK's Case (1)

NK's fiancee decided to do anything she could do to rescue her fiance from the confinement, and her lone fights began. 

On July 29, 2010, she was in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Head Office, and handing out leaflets to passersby, thanking them for support.

NK's fiancee handing out leaflets
in front of the Police Head Office
 at Kasumigaseki, Tokyo.
(Photo by Sekai Nippo)
The small leaflet says:

One and half months have passed since my beloved fiance suddenly disappeared from me.  The reason of his disappearance was believed due to our faith.  Is it wrong to have faith in Japan which guarantees the religious freedom?  Is it allowed for someone to break his faith by force and tear our love apart.  Isn't this a criminal act?

Those who kidnapped and confined my fiance may be saying, "We are safe because the Chief Commissioner  is backing us."   Then they repeat the same crimes without getting worried to be be in jail. 

Dear Mr. Chief Commissioner, please get me back my small happiness.  Please let me have my right to be happy.

She wrote a letter to wherever she could think of  - such as human rights organizations, journalists, government offices, lawyers associations etc. and even visited them to ask for help.  She received a call from the Religious Affairs Division of the Cultural Affairs Agency.  They said to her, "It is highly suspicious of human rights violations relating to the kidnapping and confinement.  We can take your report, but we have no power to intervene your case at our position."

She was so desperate that she sent a letter to Mrs. Hilary Clinton, US Secretary of State and John V. Roos, US Ambassador to Japan.  She made a call to US Embassy to ask for their support.  The 2009 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom published by US Department of State shows concern of the deprogramming activities towards the Unification Church members in Japan.  (Click on the above link and see page 766)

The NK's fiancee appears in the SBS 1 hour TV program.  (At the time of 45:40 of the Video) She says she received a letter from her fiance after 2 month of his disappearance.  The letter says, "I want to completely call off our relationship.  I don't want to see you, no need to meet.  Even if we met, I don't think the matter would be solved."

Her fiance, NK is still held in confinement.  No one knows where and how he is at the moment except for his parents and the deprogrammer.  Almost 6 months have passed since he disappeared.  If this occurred today in America or Europe, Police would search the missing person and would confirm the person's will directly, and if the person is found confined against his/her will, the person is protected by the authority and captors are charged.  But this would not happen in Japan.

On Oct 12, 2010, Dr. Luonne Rouse, a United Methodist Church Pastor made a speech in front of the Japanese Consulate in New York, "The Japanese government is turning a blind eye to this persecution.  It's time to stop the abductions and free the victims. We must protest religious freedom and human rights. We as clergy have been working on the continued human rights and religious freedom abuses that are going on in Japan. We are shocked that a good friend and ally of America, that is a modern democratic society, would continue to allow the abduction and forced confinement of adult men and women against the fundamental principles of freedom of religion that Japan is supposed to uphold."

This is only one of the 4300 cases which have occurred in the past 40 years in Japan.  There are 2 more people who are believed to be confined against their will at this time.  This blog will reveal what you may not have heard before.


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