Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NK's Case (1): Believed to be Confined Since June 14, 2010

There are 3 Unification Church members missing at the moment, believed to be confined against their will in an attempt to break their faith and marriage. 

I would like to write Mr. NK's disappearance and how Japanese police handled this case.

- Name of the person disappeared:  Mr. NK (Unification Church member)
- Age:  25 years old Male,  City: Tokyo
- Date disappeared: June 14, 2010
- Deprogrammer:  Takashi MIYAMURA

His fiancee (also a member of Unification Church) appears almost at the end of the SBS TV program as Misako (A young lady who speaks both Japanese and Korean fluently.)

They were engaged in Sep 2009.   As a normal couple, they used to date, and used to talk every night over the phone to discuss how the day was.  They were just loving couple, taking care each other.  They talked for 20 minutes at the night of June 13, 2010, and exchanged words of love over the phone.  Mr. NK suddenly disappeared from her. NK lived with his parents before the disappearance.

June 14, 2010
She called him on his mobile, but only accessed the message bank, which was very unusual, and made her wonder how he was.  She rang his work.  She was told that his father called and he was admitted to a emergency hospital.  She visited his house, but it looked no one was there and no car in the garage.  Someone came to feed the fish, saying I was asked to take care of the fish during their family trip.  She contacted the company where his father worked.  He was on leave. 

June 15, 2010
His fiancee visited Suginami Police Station.  They promised that they do their best to watch over his house and to look for him.  She explained the possibility of the religious forced de-conversion.  Police said, "No worries."

A Week Later

Police:  We were able to contact his parents, and found out where they were.  Parents said NK is in the place where he is free to go out/in.  We could not contact Mr NK directly, but there's no possibility of criminal case.  It's a discussion session between parents and a son.

Fiancee:  Please take me there if he's in the place where he is free to go out or in.

Police:  Please calm down.  Trust police.  We are confirming his will.

Later (Accompanied by a Lawyer)

Police:  The parents and a son are having an important discussion

Fiancee:  Have you confirmed NK's will?

Police:  No, we have not.

Fiancee:  It's strange.  You promised that you would confirm his will.  Please confirm his will.

Police:  We don't think it necessary.  We don't accept a protest.  Please leave.

Lawyer: We just want you to confirm his will.

Police:  If you are so confident, better to find him on your own.
Then the police cut off the conversation.

The fiancee contacted the police later, but the police repeated the same.

The Sekai Nippo (Daily Newspaper) contacted the police on July 29, 2010 which was 45 days after his disappearance.

Sekai Nippo:  His fiancee is extremely worrying.

Police:  We have not investigated as there's no possibility of criminal case.

Sekai Nippo: Then you have confirmed his whereabouts or protected him?

Police:  No, we don't know his whereabouts.

Sekai Nippo: Isn't it contradictory if you don't know where he is now after 45-day disappearance.

Police:  We don't comment on that.  Please contact public relations department of the head office.

The Sekai Nippo contacted the Public Relations Dept. of the Metropolitan Police.  They said, "We contact you later even though we don't know if we accept your interview." The Sekai Nippo did not receive their reply from the Police before printing deadline which was 3rd day from the initial contact.

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