Sunday, November 14, 2010

A 33 year old lady disappeared after she had a lunch with her parents.

3 Unification Church members are believed to be confined against their will at the moment. I write about Ms MY (33) today.  (Please click on the link below for the Mr.NK and Ms OM's cases.)

1. NK (Male, 25, Tokyo) since June 14, 2010
2. OM (Female, 27, Abeno-ku, Osaka) since August 14, 2010
3. MY (Female, 33, Osaka) since September 13, 2010

Before the disappearance on Sep 13, 2010, she was held under house arrest for 21 days in June 2010.  She was asked to visit parents' house to participate in the family event to make rice cake on Jun 21, 2010.  Upon her arrival, Ms MY was forcefully grabbed by her sister's husband, and taken to the house arrest location.  She went to work from there. 

She was threatened by her father that he would commit suicide if she escaped.  She was allowed only to go to work.  She said even if she had freedom to go out (to go to work), it was mentally confinement.

It took 21 days before the release. She tried to convince her father that she should be released.  After the release, she suffered mental disorder and she had to take leave from her work. She was being treated by psychosomatic medicine specialists at the time of Sep. 13 disappearance.

After the release her father attended the church event, and they had a lunch together.

On Sep 13, 2010, Ms MY and her parents had a lunch together at 1pm. She was going tell her parents that she'll attend the church wedding.  At 5pm, a man (he said he's father of MY) called church leader saying, "We are discussing now.  She'll return tomorrow." then the line was cut.

The church leader contacted her workplace, and was told that her father contacted them already and asked for leave until the end of the year.

Since then, there's no further information on Ms MY.

There are some similarities with other kidnapping.
1. Parents tried to make the victim feel safe by attending the church event.
2. Parents contacted the victim's work place.

2 months have passed since the disappearance.  As she was already suffering mental disorder from the previous house arrest, there's high risk of having PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

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