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Takako took her own life during confinement. No Comment from the deprogrammer.

The deprogramming in Japan is the crime behind closed doors.  Unless they escape from the confinement and speak up, no one would know what happened in the closed doors.  In today's article, the victim could not speak up, but this is the real story which occurred in 1997. 

Confinement Data:
Victim: Ms. Takako FUJITA
Date Kidnapped: March 9, 1997
Place Kidnapped:  Parents home in Ehime (in Shikoku Island)
Place of Confinement: Kyoto
Deprogrammer: Takeo FUNADA, Minister - Kyoto Seito Church of Jesus Christ Church in Japan
Ms. Takako FUJITA was born on July 5, 1970 in Ehime in Shikoku Island.  She joined the Unification Church in 1989 when she was a University student in Kyoto.  After graduation, she got a job at a welfare institution for the physically disabled. 
On August 25, 1995, She married Mr. Lee, a Korean man at the Wedding Ceremony of the Unification Church.   Then, in Dec. 1996, she moved to Korea to join Mr. Lee.
On Mar 9, 1997, she made a homecoming visit to her parents house, but she was kidnapped by her parents and transferred to Kyoto for the deprogramming process.
On Mar.15, 1997, Mr. Lee came to Japan to find her.  He stayed for 10 days, but no leads found.
On May 21, 1997, Mr. Lee came back to Japan, and re- visited the Niihama Police.  The police didn’t do much other than to call Takako’s father’s work place.  The police said, “You should ask Korean Police as the person lived in Korea before missing.  Didn’t she leave Korea because she didn’t like Korea? ”  Mr. Lee  had to return to Korea on May 24th.
Takako had her 27th birthday on July 5, 1997 in the confinement.   Almost 4 months passed since the kidnapping.  On July 15, a shocking news of Takako’s funeral was delivered from Takako’s father’s work place. 
The Unification Church Head office contacted the Police, and the Police confirmed that Takako hung herself in the bathroom of the apartment where she was confined in the morning on July 12, 1997.  She was transferred to the  Nishijin Hospital by an ambulance, but announced dead in the early morning on the following day, July 13, 1997. 

It was found that a Christian church minister, Takeo FUNADA, Kyoto Seito Church of Japan Jesus Christ Church was involved in this deprogramming.  The minister, Takeo FUNADA said, “I have no intention to comment.”
If the police assisted the Korean husband to find his wife's whereabouts, and if the police confirmed Takako's situation and protected her, this tragedy would not have happened.
The minister involved in this case is Takeo FUNADA of Kyoto Seito Church, Japan Jesus Christ Church.  13 years have already passed, but he still needs to explain.

Photo:On Sunday, Oct 17, 2010, around 120 people participated in a demonstration.  They marched in front of the Takeo FUNADA's church. 
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Reference - Book (Japanese)
Nippon Shuuyousho Rettou by Gentaro Kajikuri

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