Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Kidnapping on New Year's Day, but Victim Escaped.

Another kidnapping/confinement attempt occurred on the New Years Day in Tokyo.

Victim's Details:
Name: Ms. MA (32)
Place: Tokyo
Date of Confinement: 2011-01-01
Date of Escape: 2011-01-03
Deprogrammer: Mr. Takashi MIYAMURA

How the Confinement Occurred:
Ms MA visited her parents home on Jan 1. (New Year Season in Japan is traditionally the family's reunion time to visit parents and to meet each other.) Not only her relatives, but her teachers from her kinder and junior high school were there.

Father: Let's go to another place, so we can discuss without any interruption.
Daughter: Where are we going?
Father: Don't worry.  It's the place where you know.

She got in the car under unavoidable situation.  Her mobile phone was confiscated. Then she arrived at a 3rd floor apartment around 2am on Jan 2.  

Deprogrammer's Appearance:
2pm on the same day (Jan 2)*, a deprogrammer Takashi MIYAMURA came in the apartment with his 3 assistants who were former Unification Church members and denounced the church after experiencing the deprogramming process. Ms MA did not know 2 of them, but one of them was her former "Mother" figure in the church, who used to be MA's trainer and the "able" figure in the church terminology.

(* The following paragraph added later)
It was found that 2pm appearance was their 2nd one.  Their 1st appeaarance was around 2am or 3am on Jan 2, 2011, just after Ms MA arrived at the apartment. (Source of information: ) 

How she Escaped:
Around 2am on Jan 3, she sneaked out to the veranda and managed to reach the electric pole by risking her life, which was still more than a meter away, and descended to the ground.  Then she grabbed a taxi, and returned to the church at 4am.

Photo by Mr. Kazuhiko HARADA

The apartment where she was taken.
It seems she was taken to the far left room on the 3rd floor behind the electric pole.

Photo by Mr. Kazuhiko HARADA

The pole she managed to reach from the veranda (the pole in the middle). A lady who visited the scene described that she couldn't believe what Ms MA did as the distance between the pole and the veranda was around 1 meter. Mr. Harada, the owner of website publishing the photos says the scene made him extremely scary.

Ms MA managed to escape without any accident/injury.  But in the past, there were some victims who tried to escape from the confinement apartment.  The higher floor apartment is systematically rented for the deprogramming purpose.  One victim (man) tried to escape from 5th floor and fell to the ground and had brain damage and paralyzed.

The deprogrammer who appeared at the apartment is Mr. Takashi MIYUMURA, the professional deprogrammer doing almost 40 years. He is not an originator of the deprogramming in Japan, but he was one of the early days of deprogramming in Japan.  His violent methods could be compared to Ted Patrick, American Father of Deprogramming. This MIYAMURA was also a deprogrammer of Mr. Goto who survived 12 years and 5 months ordeal.

It is reported that the church senior members are working to restore the relationships between Ms MA and her parents.

This article was based on the following sources: by Mr. Yonemoto by Mr. Harada  Organization to Stop Religious Kidnapping


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  1. Ms. MA was a very brave woman! It is sickening that these animals are continued to be allowed to abduct and torture people. The Japanese Government and Police should be ashamed of themselves! Is Japan a Third-world country? Is it a communist brutal regime like China? It sounds like it, from these stories!