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Japanese Wife Murders Korean Husband (UC Couple) Due to Tiring Nursing Care

2012-08-30 A follow up article at the end of this page.

The following article is about a Unification Church international couple (Korean - Japanese) who is involved in murder case in Korea.   I would  like to introduce a newspaper article which was published on Aug. 22., 2012 on Choson Online Japanese Version.

You may say that this story has nothing to do with this blog's topic which is Human Rights Violations in Japan, more specifically deprogramming practices in Japan. 

However, I think that this case will be used by  deprogrammers to make good excuses for abduction and confinement which they call  "protection and persuasion". 

The active deprogrammers and anti Unification Church groups will use this case to convince the parents that parents must "rescue" their children (carry out the abduction and confinement).

If the Unification Church does not handle this issue in a responsible and open way, abductions and confinement in Japan may increase.  The parents would risk more to "rescue" their sons and daughters to prevent their children from becoming murderers or serious offenders of crimes .
(Translated by Yoshi  - from Japanese to English)

A case occurred that A Japanese woman who married a Korean man murdered her husband whom she had been continuing to nurse.

Gangwon ChuncheonPolice sought arrest warrants for  B (52) on suspicion of murder charge that she suffocated her husband (51) by covering his face with towels while he was asleep.
B is suspected that she suffocated her husband to death at around 3am at an apartment in Chuncheon city.
The Japanese suspect B came to Korea in 1995 after their international marriage.  It is reported that as her husband was not employed, and  that  they relied on monthly benefits of 500,000 Won (about US$440) supported by the  government, and  there were no children.

The husband have suffered  from heart condition since more than 10 years ago.  They had financial hardship to pay for the medical costs which were around 400,000 - 500,000 Won (US $350 -  440).  It is said that the suspect B earned around 500,000 Won (US $440) in a month from a domestic helper work.  Also nearby Japanese wives who married Korean men and moved to Korea chipped in to support  the medical expenses.

Police believes that  while the husband suffering heart issue, he drank and broke furniture, and used abusive language against her, and that she committed the act when it went beyond bearing

According to Chuncheon  Police, the suspect B stated that out of financial difficulties she pitied him who suffered from the disease and murdered him.  She initially called ambulance as saying "Husband is not breathing."  The police explained that  there was a time difference between the time of death and the time of the report of accident, and that when police pursued she confessed the act.

(Note by Yoshi: Other paper reports that it was kidney failure not heart issue)
(Note by Yoshi:  Chuncheon - )
2012-08-30:  A follow up article.

An investigative reporter, Mr. Kazuhiro Yonemoto reported this case on his blog, which showed most detailed story of this case.  The followings are the extract from his blog.
Church members around Mrs. B tried to support her by offering whatever they could; including financial support, emergency shelter in need, visiting her even at night if she did not pick up phone, etc.  Even if she had a shelter at church friend's place, she worried about her husband.

Her husband and her parents did not get along, and her parents did not support him.  As his parents were wealthy, he could not receive much benefits from government.  Church members helped to negotiate with the governmental offices and multi cultural centres.

One week before the incident, Mrs. B's mother and younger sister visited her in Korea and suggested that Mrs. B should go back to Japan with them.  Mrs. B declined the offer by saying, "I can't leave my husband by himself."
She had an option to leave him, but she didn't choose it.  She said, "Everyone says my husband is a cruel person, but he has a good nature, and he's cute.   He was abandoned by his parents.  He is a poor man." She shed tears for her husband, and took care of him.

Mrs. B did not think running away from him, instead she researched how to cook for her husband, and studied how to take care of him.
Mrs.B had been suffering depression for a while.  She may have been prescribed psychotropic drug.  If so, her sudden behavior could be one of its side effects of such medications.
A lawyer was hired by Kook Jin Moon for Mrs. B on 24 Aug 2012.      

The investigative reporter stressed as follow on his blog:
In order to prevent deprogrammers and anti UC group from using this case to convince parents to abduct children, the Unification Church both in Korea and Japan should officially explain the background of this case, and apologize.  The background should include that there were some problems in the Korean male candidates in the mass wedding in 1995, and that since then stricter measures were introduced to screen the Korean male candidates.


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